10:10 Pulls Global Warming Assassination Ad

Observe the latest in the scare tactics of the Global Warming followers. The 10:10 Global Organization was forced to pull this ad a mere hours after it first appeared:

A shame to hear that Gillian Anderson (of X-Files fame) provided the voiceover for this. Also participating in this display of hate speech was Richard Curtis (of Black Adder, Mr. Bean, Four Weddings and a Funeral, Bridget Jones’s Diary, and Notting Hill). Just remember, no pressure… we’ll just assassinate you if you don’t comply.  James Lee would have been proud!

Thankfully, 10:10 has realized the ad missed the mark and put up an apology on their site.

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Jean Schmidt’s Threatening Voicemail

I’ve had a couple of my left-wing readers email me asking why I don’t talk about it (BTW, don’t be afraid to use the comments section and let everyone hear your opinions). Honestly, I really was ignoring the whole idiots inciting violence story. The last thing these morons need is more publicity. But, I noticed that Rush Limbaugh’s show was flooded with coverage of it, and I took a look at MSNBC (while trying to hold my dinner down) and it seemed they didn’t have any other stories to cover. I suppose that means I should put my $0.02 on it lest someone say I’m dodging a huge story (which I still say it isn’t).

I’ll start by pointing out that anyone who thinks only idiotic people from the right make threats is insane. Let’s just start by looking at the pundits. It’s bad enough that right-wing pundits receive threats almost daily (I’ve got my share as well). It’s even worse that left-wing pundits themselves make statements that are borderline threats.

Now for those of you misinformed enough to believe that suggestions of violence only comes from right-wing idiots, here’s some of the latest examples of violence from left-wing idiots.

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Palin Effigy in California Finally Comes Down

The owners of a West Hollywood home finally took down the effigy of Palin hanging by a noose that RWNJ reported on earlier.  According to this CBS2 report, neighbors came and obscured the mannequin with a sheet.

Later that evening, some protesters arrived with an SUV and an effigy of their own.  They strung up a mannequin labeled “Chad” (after the homeowner, Chad Morrissette) in a noose.  It was apparently effective as shortly afterward, the Palin mannequin came down.  A video is avalable at the CBS2 report.

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McCain Campaign Workers Attacked With Mace

Yet another dose of stupidity to report today. This time from Galax, VA. According to the Galax Gazette, Daniel Cason Meinecke, 29, and Cara Annis Hindman, 26, entered the Republican headquarters in Galax and asked for Obama yard signs.  When Galax Republican Chairman Mike Stevens told them to go up the street to the Democrat headquarters, the couple suggested that the Republican party was stealing signs and storing them at the headquarters.

The situation escalated and Mr. Meinecke started using some choice words, which prompted Mr. Stevens to ask him to leave.  Long story short, Stevens escorted the couple out and Ms. Hindman sprayed him and another volunteer with mace.  She then sprayed mace inside the headquarters.  Both Meinecke and Hindman are under arrest.

We continue to further divide America with this sort of thing.  It’s absolutely stupid!

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Skinheads Arrested in Obama Assassination Plot

According to The Smoking Gun, two skinheads were arrested for plotting a killing spree.  Apparently, Daniel Cowart, 20 and Paul Schlesselman, 18, are white supremacists.  They planned to target a mostly African-American school, then go state to state in an effort to rob and kill people.  The final act was to be an assassination attempt on Obama consisting of driving their vehicle towards Obama while firing at him out of the windows.

To top things off, they were planning on wearing white tuxedoes and top hats.  Today must be the day of hatred and idiocy since it seems to be the main things I’m finding to post about today.  Thankfully, ATF has these two in custody under three federal felony charges.

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