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Well this was a surprise…  Hopped onto Drudge Report earlier today and was surprised to see my children in an advertisement!  It’s a shame they didn’t do the photo large enough to see the URL to this site (maybe I should have had the lettering larger)…  I’m also quite surprised that FreedomWorks didn’t contact me to at least give me a heads-up! 

Original image is here, taken from the Cincinnati Tea Party rally. Photo was actually posted to Instapundit and taken by Chris Blanchard, but I couldn’t find any contact info for him. That photo actually gave me a ton of exposure! I ended up getting credited on Michelle Malkin’s site as well, which was a boon. Quite a few readers still here from then.

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Sean Hannity Pulled from Cincinnati Tea Party

Sean Hannity has been pulled from the Cincinnati Tea Party tonight by Fox News.  Early reports were that Hannity had to leave for a personal emergency. Later, news started coming out that Fox News executives ordered Hannity to withdraw from the event. Hannity was reported leaving the University of Cincinnati campus prior to a scheduled book signing event.

Fox News executives are reportedly upset that the Cincinnati Tea party was potentially profiting from Hannity’s planned appearance, having nearly sold out tickets for the scheduled April 15th, 2010 event at Fifth Third Arena (which seats around 13,000) at the University of Cincinnati. Tickets for the event ranged from $5 to $20.  The Cincinnati Tea Party paid for the facility and had no expectations of turning a profit on the event but stated that any overage would be used for future Cincinnati Tea Party sponsored events.

I was hoping to have the opportunity to attend the event, but had scheduling issues. It will be intesting to see what Hannity says regarding this. I’d certainly have expected that Hannity would have taken another course of action (perhaps paying for the facility himself) had he expected a reaction such as this. When I was listening to his radio program this afternoon he sounded very upbeat and anxious to get to the arena for the event. It’s clearly not a decision made by him.

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Cincinnati Coffee Party Needs More Caffeine

According to a report from Canada Free Press, turnout for the coffee party weekend was subdued.  GateWay Pundit reports that the St. Louis coffee party turnout was a total of 30. Compare that to the 2,225 that turned out to the “Kill the Bill” rally down the road in St. Charles.  You can also see the 5 people that showed up to a North Carolina Coffee Party.

Cincinnati appeared to fare better, but not much.  Judging from their photos, they appeared to get somewhere in the neighborhood of 20 attendees.  Compare that to the turnout of the Cincinnati Tea Party, which was estimated at 7000.  It is clear where the majority of the public stands on issues that increase the cost and authority of government.

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The Coffee Party Astroturf Movement

Photo by LimonadaLook closely everyone… it isn’t real grass roots, it is astroturf!!!  That’s right, the coffee party movement that you’ve probably heard spouted about in the media isn’t really a movement with a lot of commonality in the teaparty movement.  In fact, Left Coast Rebel has uncovered that many of the founders have their roots in some rather scary anti-capitalist movements.  I highly recommend checking out that link, Rebel has been keeping it updated with all the latest finds.

I’m not sure about anyone else, but this coffee movement hasn’t been going long and it already seems quite stale. I can’t help but see the astroturfed members of it as being little more than bitter… Sorry, I couldn’t resist. Calling them coffeebaggers just doesn’t work.

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Orlando Tea Party: 4000 Attendees

I know a lot of my readers are interested in the teaparties that have been occurring across our great neation. The Orlando Sentinel reports that 4000 people attended their tea party at Lake Eola on Saturday afternoon. The movement is going strong, and may grow stronger with yet another $1 Trillion bailout in the works.


The next Cincinnati event is April 15 (details at

Video courtesy of RThomasBlog.

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