Jean Schmidt’s Threatening Voicemail

I’ve had a couple of my left-wing readers email me asking why I don’t talk about it (BTW, don’t be afraid to use the comments section and let everyone hear your opinions). Honestly, I really was ignoring the whole idiots inciting violence story. The last thing these morons need is more publicity. But, I noticed that Rush Limbaugh’s show was flooded with coverage of it, and I took a look at MSNBC (while trying to hold my dinner down) and it seemed they didn’t have any other stories to cover. I suppose that means I should put my $0.02 on it lest someone say I’m dodging a huge story (which I still say it isn’t).

I’ll start by pointing out that anyone who thinks only idiotic people from the right make threats is insane. Let’s just start by looking at the pundits. It’s bad enough that right-wing pundits receive threats almost daily (I’ve got my share as well). It’s even worse that left-wing pundits themselves make statements that are borderline threats.

Now for those of you misinformed enough to believe that suggestions of violence only comes from right-wing idiots, here’s some of the latest examples of violence from left-wing idiots.

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Black Panthers Intimidating Voters in Philadelphia

A report came from Philly that there were two members of the black panthers intimidating voters.  Apparently, one of them was brandishing a night stick while persuading voters not to vote for McCain.  A witness said he was told not to vote because “a black man was going to win this election no matter what.”  The panther also allegedly said that he was “tired of white supremacy.”

The police were called and the person with the nightstick was escorted from the polling place.

Update: Here’s a raw video, but it doesn’t have any of the initial allegations on it.

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Video of Murtha Calling Western PA Redneck

I found a youtube video of Murtha’s wonderful comments about his constituents. Enjoy!

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Murtha Calls Western PA “Redneck”

I suppose that “racist” wasn’t strong enough for Representative Murtha.  On Monday, he called his constituents “rednecks.”  I suppose they should be thankful though, apparently they were “really redneck” in his eyes a few years ago.

If Bill Russell is smart, he will pound away in Pennsylvania on this.  Murtha feels safe enough after 17 terms to insult those he represents.  Apparently, Russell is close to keeping up with Murtha’s fundraising efforts.  Though I don’t see Murtha losing, he’s doing all he can to give Russell help.

I’m not sure where Murtha might go next?  Perhaps Western Pennsylvania is full of “crackers” or “honkeys”?   Either way, I find it insulting and I’m in Ohio!

Certain Democrats continue to bring up the race card over and over.  How is it that only 3% of black voters support McCain while 44% of white voters support Obama yet it is the white voter who is a racist?  I’d love to vote for a black candidate, just give me one who isn’t pushing a borderline Socialist agenda.  It’s a shame politicians such as Murtha only see black and white.  He totally ignores the fact that policy matters.  I’m not about to vote for Obama just because he is black, just like I’m not going to vote for McCain because Palin is a woman.

You can see a video of his comments here.

Source articles here and here.

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Racist Obama Effigy Hanging from Noose in Tree

I am certainly no fan of Obama, but it has nothing to do with his race.  I believe racism is wrong (and it also goes both ways).  I’m not sure if this report is for real or if it is someone just trying to get a rise out of people, but either way it’s wrong.

An Ohio resident has hung an effigy of Obama in a noose on his property (video below).  While I respect everyone’s right to express themselves, this makes me disgusted.  It is sad to see this happen in our state.  And, look at this blog posting and see this blog report to observe the two-way nature of this rediculous nonsense.  Sorry folks, but this outlandish racism needs to stop from both parties!

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