Boehner Asks for “Call of the Roll”

There’s little doubt Pelosi will actually let it happen, but John Boehner has formally asked that there be a “Call of the Roll.”  Typically, rolls are taken electronically unless the Speaker requests that the votes be taken by a “Call of the Roll.” In that case, the Clerk would call each member alphabetically by surname and give their vote.

It is a shame that Pelosi won’t even consider doing this. It would make fantastic fodder in the elections to show each member that votes yes verbally giving their votes. I’m guessing that many that are voting yes on this bill are doing so with a great deal of shame (not to mention a lot of whip-marks on their backs from the Democrat leadership).

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Written by admin on March 19, 2010

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Pelosi Snowed Out of Global Warming Rally

Courtesy of CNSNews:

Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA) flight (not sure if it was commercial or private) was delayed and she was unable to attend the Global Warming Rally in Washington D.C. due to a blizzard that hit the D.C. area Sunday night. 

House Select Energy Independence and Global Warming Chairman Edward Markey (D-MA) was also forced to cancel his appearance due to the weather.

I honestly wonder why they don’t schedule these rallies for summertime for some dramatic impact.

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Pelosi: 500 Million Americans Lose Jobs Every Month

Yeah yeah, I know “misspeak!”…  I just find this humorous (besides, as much as everyone made fun of Bush’s pronunciation of ‘nuclear’ the door is open anytime a pol makes any sort of mistake).  Seeing as how our population is around 300 million (including elderly, children, illegals, etc), everyone is losing their job twice a month on average.  I guess I should be happy I was only laid off twice in 16 months!

Regardless if this is a misspeak, ignorance, or exaggeration, this approx $1 trillion pork-filled package isn’t an instant cure.


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