Ray Stevens – Caribou Barbie

Not sure how I missed this its first time through… I didn’t even know Ray Stevens was still doing anything!

Bonus Video: Throw the Bums Out (released yesterday)

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Palin Effigy in California Finally Comes Down

The owners of a West Hollywood home finally took down the effigy of Palin hanging by a noose that RWNJ reported on earlier.  According to this CBS2 report, neighbors came and obscured the mannequin with a sheet.

Later that evening, some protesters arrived with an SUV and an effigy of their own.  They strung up a mannequin labeled “Chad” (after the homeowner, Chad Morrissette) in a noose.  It was apparently effective as shortly afterward, the Palin mannequin came down.  A video is avalable at the CBS2 report.

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Palin Hanging by a Noose in Southern California

First we had Obama hanging by a noose.  Now someone thought it might be appropriate to hang Palin by a noose.  Either way it’s a symbol of outright hatred and total disrespect.  In my opinion, it is inappropriate either way.  When one cannot fight a political opponent with words and ideas, they resort to symbols such as this.  It only weakens your position and it makes you look foolish.

CNN wrote an article back in November of 2007, after the Jena, Louisiana noose incident.  They point out how such symbols are designed to incite hatred.  I don’t care if it is Halloween, it was wrong when it was done to Obama, and it is wrong in this situation as well.  What ever happened to decent political discourse?  Politics has devolved into insults and threats.  We really need to work on making America a better place, not ripping it apart.

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Palin on Saturday Night Live

Here’s the video links from Sarah Palin’s appearance on SNL.  I don’t think it was anything earth-shatteringly bad or good for her campaign.  If anything it makes her look a bit more like an everyday person, but then again that’s not been a weak point for her thusfar anyhow.  What’s everyone else think?

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Palin Visits West Chester

Personal Photo from Palin EventI had the privledge of being able to attend the Palin rally in West Chester, Ohio today.  It was an absolutely fantastic event.  I’d guestimate 3,000-4,000 attended, though I will warn that I’m not great at estimating!  I took a load of pictures with my brand new Canon XSi (available on Flickr), one of them is now the banner for the site!

Palin made a point to stress Obama’s links to ACORN.  Given the importance of ACORN’s activities in Ohio, it was perfect for the crowd.  She made the call to the Obama campaign to release all their communications with ACORN to the public.  Given Obama’s quick move to distance himself from ACORN (as he has done with all his associations sofar in the campaign), it is unlikely he will.  Sarah also gave a great one-liner along the lines of not letting Obama turn the Buckeye State into the ACORN State, which got a great response from the energetic crowd.

Southwest Ohio, particularly Butler County is safe territory for McCain/Palin.  Boehner has a solid hold on this area of the state.  The key here is to keep the base energized so that turnout is high to counteract the rest of the state (especially the voter fraud being perpetrated by groups such as ACORN).

If you get a chance to attend one of a Palin rally, I highly recommend it.  She is an excellent and energetic speaker and isn’t afraid to bring her points home bluntly.

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