Happy Veterans Day

I just wanted to take a moment to thank those who have put everything on the line to defend our great nation.  The bravery and sacrifice of these men and women cannot be underestimated.  Thank you, Veterans!

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Most Viewed Election Video on YouTube

BBC News posted an article awarding the title of most viewed YouTube 2008 Campaign video to “Dear Mr. Obama.”  The video has amassed over 11 million views since its posting 2 months ago.  The message is clear and given by an Iraq veteran.

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Who Will the Military Vote For?

The military is our first line of defense, the heroes that keep us safe and make freedom possible.  It is sensible to ask who they support in the Presidential election.  Given the difficulties of the war on terror I keep seeing on the media, I’d expect that our military would be demoralized and be ready to cut and run, right?

Apparently not.  Active military personnel support John McCain 67%  to 24%.  When asked who would better handle Iraq and Afghanistan, McCain wins 74% to 19%.  McCain wins handling military benefits 73% to 18%.  Handling Defense Department issues, it’s McCain 77% to 15%.  Oddly enough, the military also believes that McCain can handle the economy and other domestic issues better, 53% to 33%.

Who is better to speak on who is best to lead the military than those who are in it?  With such a clear voice for McCain, there is no doubt he is the best candidate to make the correct military decisions.

Detailed poll info available from MilitaryTimes.

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