Time: 10 Questions for Bobby Jindal

Time Magazine’s 10 Questions series featured Bobby Jindal. While some of the questions were rather odd, such as “What do you think of comparisons following your speech between you and a character on 30 Rock, Kenneth the Page?”, there were a few decent questions in there, such as “What would your top priorities be for a stimulus package?”

Jindal has plenty of substance, but he needs to work on style.  We saw in the last election how much more style means than substance.  It seems apparent in the current political environment that what is said is not nearly as important as how it is delivered.

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Jindal’s Response to Obama

It seems clear that the Republicans are trying to position Jindal to be the new face for the party. Though many on the left regard him as an Uncle Tom, Jindal clearly has a Conservative philosophy. My issue with him is that he badly needs to work on his delivery. For one, I wish someone would tie Jindal’s hands. He talks with his hands so much that it is distracting! He also needs to learn the art of the “dramatic pause” and use more vocal inflection.

It seems recent Republicans are horrible at speech delivery, especially when you consider that Reagan was an expert. In this day of style over substance (*cough* Obama *cough*), this is going to be a big problem for Republicans. His writers could also provide overwhelming examples of where similar proposals to the ones he mentions have worked in the past. The opportunity is there to charismatically and powerfully deliver the message, we just need someone to do it! Jindal needs to move away from the dry and monotone delivery and writing.

Focusing on content (which given the delivery was difficult to do), I am glad that Jindal admitted that the Republican Party screwed up and moved away from Conservative principles. He has kept a consistent message, now it is up to the Republicans to act according to that message. Reagan Conservatism was both successful and popular, why the Republicans moved away from that philosophy is anyone’s guess. The 2006 and 2008 elections were hopefully a wake up call that Jindal is stepping forward to answer.

If Jindal wants to make a run for President in 2012 (and I hope he does), he MUST work on his speech abilities. A well-delivered speech drives home the points in a memorable way. Honestly, this speech was difficult to concentrate on, let alone remember.

Republican response embedded below:

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Saving the Republican Party: Bobby Jindal

I must say, Bobby Jindal grows on me more and more as time goes on.  For those unfamiliar with Jindal, he is the Governor of Louisiana, the youngest in the US at 36.  He was rumored as a favorite to run with McCain as Vice-President.  He was even re-elected to Congress in 2006 with 88% of the vote.

On CBS’s Face the Nation, Jindal outlined three things he said the GOP must do to get back on track:

“Number one, we have got to stop defending the kind of spending and out-of-control spending that we would never tolerate in the other side. You know, when voters tell us that they trust Democrats more to cut their taxes [and] control spending, that tells you something is wrong with the Republican Party. We’ve got to match our actions with our rhetoric.

“Number two, we’ve got to stop defending the kinds of corruption we would rightfully criticize in the other party. The week before the election, our most senior senator is convicted on federal charges – and that’s only the latest example.

“Number three, we have got to be the party that offers real solutions to the problems that American voters, American families are worried about. We don’t need to abandon our conservative principles; we can’t just be the ‘party of no.’ We need to offer real solutions on making health care more affordable, on the economic challenges facing families, on the international threats.”

I have to say, the man is dead on with this.  McCain lost the election by being a moderate.  He failed to clearly offer alternatives to Obama’s solutions and in doing so allowed this to be a referendum on Bush.  The GOP needs to go back to Conservatism.  Take clear action and speak clearly on policy.  Stand against corruption, and I’m not talking about pulling a Pelosi and just talking loudly about fighting a “culture of corruption” while doing nothing.

Jindal could be the GOP’s Obama.  He is young and very intelligent.  If he plays his cards right, I think he could be a clear front-runner for 2012.

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