Who Voted for the Health Care Bill?

Now that the damage has been done everyone wants to know who needs to be held accountable in November.  Below is the list of the 219 representatives that voted to pass this disasterous piece of legislation. Note that 34 Democrats joined every Republican in voting against it. Isn’t it nice to see that Obama is keeping his promise of ending partisanship? We actually had bi-partisan resistance to the bill, that’s certainly a step forward, right?

Voted YES       Voted NO    
Gary L. Ackerman D N.Y.-5   Robert B. Aderholt R Ala.-4
Robert E. Andrews D N.J.-1   John Adler D N.J.-3
Joe Baca D Calif.-43   Todd Akin R Mo.-2
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Boehner Asks for “Call of the Roll”

There’s little doubt Pelosi will actually let it happen, but John Boehner has formally asked that there be a “Call of the Roll.”  Typically, rolls are taken electronically unless the Speaker requests that the votes be taken by a “Call of the Roll.” In that case, the Clerk would call each member alphabetically by surname and give their vote.

It is a shame that Pelosi won’t even consider doing this. It would make fantastic fodder in the elections to show each member that votes yes verbally giving their votes. I’m guessing that many that are voting yes on this bill are doing so with a great deal of shame (not to mention a lot of whip-marks on their backs from the Democrat leadership).

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Download a Copy of the Democrat 2010 Health Care Bill

The Amendment to the Democrat Health Care Bill is available for download.  Click the hyperlink for a PDF version.  It is a 153 page document. In case you’re curious, the word ‘tax’ (or a derivative) is mentioned 57 times (though I may have lost count). ‘Benefit’ is mentioned only 6 times.

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Climate Bill Mistake Could Cost Dems

As has hit the news, the Cap and Trade bill (also known as Waxman-Markey) passed the house 219-212.  Several representatives changed their minds on the bill allowin the narrow passage.  Some, such as Debbie Halverson (D-IL), were recorded saying they wouldn’t vote for the bill, but then proceeded to vote for it anyway.

It is simply amazing to see how many representatives actually voted for this bill (including 8 Republicans).  We are seeing more people step forward to question global warming (including someone in the EPA who was apparently silenced by Obama’s agenda). Despite this, the house wants to push forward with a bill that will undoubtedly hurt the economy and burden families with imbedded “green taxes”.  An MIT Study put the cost to each American family at $3900/year.

Not only is the link of carbon dioxide to global temperatures in question, our economy is struggling. We have unemployment rates approaching 10% and now we’re looking to pass a bill that will cost jobs and add burden to our families.  This leaves an opening for the Republicans to step up and be a voice of reason.  The question is, will they step up to the plate?

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Republicans to Offer Budget Alternative

The House Republicans gave an outline of proposals for an alternative budget plan today. Specifics on how much the budget would cost and what affect it would have on the deficit are due to be released next week. Among the proposals are spending cuts on everything except defense and lowering the top tax rate from 36% to 25%. A tax cut of that magnitude would free up money used by those in a position to hire workers and would likely be a huge shot in the arm to the economy.

Senate Republicans will be introducing a series of amendments to the budget next week in an attempt to cut spending from the budget. House Democrats are able to restrict the number of amendments that can be offered, so House Republicans are opting to present their complete budget alternative when it is finished.

The big question at this point is if the Democrats will be willing to listen to alternatives or if they will continue to press their agendas forward in a unilateral fashion.

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