Cincinnati Tea Party Update

The Cincinnati Tea Party is only 6 days away and I thought I’d give a few updates.

  • Over 4000 people have registered to attend (as of Sunday night)
  • The speaker list has grown as well:
    Cincinnati Tea Party Founder Mike Wilson
    Former Congressman Steve Chabot
    Cincinnati City Councilman Chris Monzel
    Hamilton Township Trustee Michael Munoz
    Small Business Owner Harald Zieger
    Secretary – UC College Republicans David Watkins
    Concerned Taxpayer Théa Shoemake
    Financial Planner Tom O’Brien
    Media Consultant Mike Brenner
  • Those looking for parking, it is available directly underneath Fountain Square via entry from Vine Street and Walnut Street.
  • An official flyer is available for posting or handing out to friends. 

Let’s hope for a big turnout and have our voices heard. Hope to see many of you there!

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Cincinnati Tea Party


I am getting a lot of traffic from search engines regarding this event.  I want to be sure that anyone that is searching for this can find it easily.

Welcome to all of you that searched for the Cincinnati Tea Party info and came to this site.  Stick around, check out the articles, post some comments, and come back! This is one of a small handful of political blogs in our area.

I have been informed that the Cincinnati Tea Party is planned for Sunday, March 15, 3PM – 5PM at Fountain Square. Check out the official website for more details. Former Congressman Steve Chabot will be speaking.

Take the opportunity to be vocal. Being a member of the silent majority is not enough. We need to show our compassion, state our case, and make it clear that we are unhappy with the path the Government is taking.

If you are a reader from outside the area, check out the American Tea Party list and participate in your local tea party.

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Mass State Senator Wilkerson Busted Taking Bribes

A Massachusetts state senator, Democrat Dianne Wilkerson, was arrested on charges of extortion as a public official and theft of honest services as a state senator.  According to an Associated Press article, she was caught on video accepting cash from some undercover agents and even stuffing some of the money into her bra.  It appears she took the cash in exchange for her assistance in helping a developer obtain a liquor license.

Wilkerson did not enter a plea, but faces a total of 40 years in prison and $500,000 in fines.  She had held the seat since 1993 but lost in a close primary race.  She was attempting to keep her position through a write-in and sticker campaign.  Allegedly, the illegal money was going to be used to help fund a primary recount that would cost $70,000.

More photos are available on

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