Teacher Uses Fear Tactics on Soldier’s Child That Supports McCain

This story comes from Fayetteville, North Carolina.  Diatha D. Harris, a teacher at Mary McArthur Elementary School with the Cumberland County School system, let a Swedish documentary crew into her class back in May.

Looking at this video, the teacher is doing some mighty large moves on some thin ice.  I wouldn’t have liked a teacher using these sort of tactics on my children.  And no, I wouldn’t have liked it if my children were Obama supporters and the teacher pushed McCain on them either.  School is for learning, not indoctrination.

It’s sad that we’re worried about “fairness” on television and radio (i.e. the fairness doctrine), a media that we can freely change the channel or turn off, yet we have teachers (that certainly lean both directions) pressing their candidate to children who are a captive audience with no choice but to listen.  If this teacher would have responded with some negative viewpoints to the Obama supporting children as well as the soldier’s child, it would have been one thing.  Instead, she was clearly pushing one candidate over another.  It isn’t right here, and it wouldn’t be right if she were pushing McCain either.

According to the Fay Observer, Harris, who is spotted wearing an Obama button in the video, claims that the video was doctored to make her appear partisan.  Superintendent Bill Harrison posted a response on YouTube about the video, promising to take “appropriate action” against the teacher.

Teacher Video

Superintendent Response

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Written by admin on November 8, 2008