Right Wing Nut Job is nothing more than a slur.  I consider myself a Conservative, a term that actually has meaning.  But since I do not believe in class warfare and wealth redistribution, some choose to throw the term “Right Wing Nut Job”.  That’s where the name of this blog comes from.

This blog is a source of conservative news and political analysis from my perspective as a Conservative in southwestern Ohio. You might not agree with what I think, but that’s what the comments section is for. I love to have a healthy debate and I believe you can strengthen your views by challenging them. I only ask that it stay civil and mature. Therefore, I do have all comments set to be approved. Don’t worry, they will be approved unless you just want to rant, curse, and excessively use caps and punctuation. If you do rant, curse, or make a general ass of yourself, don’t expect to see your comment show up. This is a place for mature discussion, not idiocy.

I reserve all rights to all photographs on this site. Re-use specifically for other blogs or news articles is fine as long as you provide credit back to this site. If you want to use them for another purpose, contact me directly prior to use. All photos that are not my own are linked back to the source to which they came from, so use of those photos is per the discretion of thier respective owners.

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Written by admin on October 17, 2008

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I welcome comments from anyone (left or right), but if you curse, rant, use ad hominem attacks, or are just making an angry fool of yourself (excessive caps, horrid spelling, tons of extra punctuation) your post won't be showing up. All comments are moderated before appearing, be patient.

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