Hank Johnson: Could Guam Tip Over?

If this happened yesterday (April Fool’s Day), I would have thought it was a joke… Unfortunately for Representative Hank Johnson (D-GA), this happened last Thursday! It seems he is the joke, not what he was saying. After expressing concern that Guam could capsize, he went on to compare ignoring this threat to the dire situation we find ourselves in with manbearpig!  Oh, sorry, I meant Global Warming.

See below to watch Representative Johnson query Navy Admiral Robert Willard (head of the Pacific Fleet) about the risk of Guam tipping over from the addition of 8000 Marines. He went into fairly good detail, surmising that the small size of the island along with its wide girth would add to the threat of it falling over into the ocean. Perhaps we shouldn’t ignore Johnson’s concerns, maybe it is possible that 8000 additional Marines performing jumping jacks may cause earthquakes like we’ve never seen.

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Written by admin on April 2, 2010

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