Cincinnati Coffee Party Needs More Caffeine

According to a report from Canada Free Press, turnout for the coffee party weekend was subdued.  GateWay Pundit reports that the St. Louis coffee party turnout was a total of 30. Compare that to the 2,225 that turned out to the “Kill the Bill” rally down the road in St. Charles.  You can also see the 5 people that showed up to a North Carolina Coffee Party.

Cincinnati appeared to fare better, but not much.  Judging from their photos, they appeared to get somewhere in the neighborhood of 20 attendees.  Compare that to the turnout of the Cincinnati Tea Party, which was estimated at 7000.  It is clear where the majority of the public stands on issues that increase the cost and authority of government.

The Coffee Party movement is not a grass roots movement. With top-down organization they should be able to get larger numbers than these. It goes to further reinforce the fact that the public is not looking for more government, more taxes, and more spending. People don’t want to rely on the government, they want the freedom to determine the course of their own lives.

Hat tip for video to The Angry White Guy.

Update: According to an ireport post, there were approximately 20 people at Rohs Street Cafe.  Not staggering numbers by any stretch of the imagination!

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Written by admin on March 16, 2010

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