The Coffee Party Astroturf Movement

Photo by LimonadaLook closely everyone… it isn’t real grass roots, it is astroturf!!!  That’s right, the coffee party movement that you’ve probably heard spouted about in the media isn’t really a movement with a lot of commonality in the teaparty movement.  In fact, Left Coast Rebel has uncovered that many of the founders have their roots in some rather scary anti-capitalist movements.  I highly recommend checking out that link, Rebel has been keeping it updated with all the latest finds.

I’m not sure about anyone else, but this coffee movement hasn’t been going long and it already seems quite stale. I can’t help but see the astroturfed members of it as being little more than bitter… Sorry, I couldn’t resist. Calling them coffeebaggers just doesn’t work.

Now, if you’re not into tea, I suggest you head over to Pajama Media and check out the Cocoa Party.  Got to say that’s a classic!

And, hat-tip on the video below to pumabydesign001.

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Written by admin on March 13, 2010

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