Reid-Wing Nutjobs?

Found this on Big Government. It’s video of Andrew Brietbart filming Reid supporters while the Tea Party Express drives by.  The first video shows an egg being thrown at the Tea Party bus, what looks like an officer coming over to investigate, and then one of the Reid supporters trying to blame Brietbart. There is video evidence of who actually threw the egg though, unlike all the unfounded accusations that have been thrown towards tea party supporters

The second video shows an idiot throwing racism up again, followed by a lot of backpedaling and subject changing (couldn’t be because the racism charge is unfounded). Also some nice camera blocking and shoving of Andrew towards the street. I’m sure none of this happened though, all violence occurs from right-wing idiots, right? I just love what Obama has done to unite the country and end partisanship!

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Jean Schmidt’s Threatening Voicemail

I’ve had a couple of my left-wing readers email me asking why I don’t talk about it (BTW, don’t be afraid to use the comments section and let everyone hear your opinions). Honestly, I really was ignoring the whole idiots inciting violence story. The last thing these morons need is more publicity. But, I noticed that Rush Limbaugh’s show was flooded with coverage of it, and I took a look at MSNBC (while trying to hold my dinner down) and it seemed they didn’t have any other stories to cover. I suppose that means I should put my $0.02 on it lest someone say I’m dodging a huge story (which I still say it isn’t).

I’ll start by pointing out that anyone who thinks only idiotic people from the right make threats is insane. Let’s just start by looking at the pundits. It’s bad enough that right-wing pundits receive threats almost daily (I’ve got my share as well). It’s even worse that left-wing pundits themselves make statements that are borderline threats.

Now for those of you misinformed enough to believe that suggestions of violence only comes from right-wing idiots, here’s some of the latest examples of violence from left-wing idiots.

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Glenn Beck Responding to James Cameron

Note: I’m aware of the double video issue. Trying a new piece of software to make video posts easier, hope to have it resolved soon.

I got a kick out of this. Glenn Beck is often over the top (it’s his shtick). Anyone who takes comments like calling James Cameron the anti-christ because he used Celine Deon’s song in “Titanic” has lost thier marbles. Anyone who is still taking it personally after 3 years is in dire need of help. Anyone who follows up said insanity by saying that he’d like to shoot it out on the street with “global warming deniers” must be named James Cameron.

Personally I think he’s just pissed he lost the best picture Oscar (with “Avatar”, which cost over $500 million to make) to his ex-wife (Kathryn Bigelow) on her low budget ($15 million) flick “The Hurt Locker”. That had to hurt the ego a bit and may have prompted him to drag out more of his emotional baggage.

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Dingell: ObamaCare will “Control the People”

OK, honestly, is this really a surprise? Anyone with a clue already knows this is about taking away more individual freedom and increasing government dependence. Thomas Jefferson could power the world as much as he’s spinning in his grave from this monstrosity.

Hat Tip: Cavenews

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Health Care Tanning Tax Starting

Yay! It’s here! The first new tax for health care is finally here! It only took about 36 hours from the time Congress passed the health care bill before the first new tax was enacted. This one is a 10% tax on tanning beds.

But that’s not all, let me tell you what else you’ve won. You also get increased taxes on insurers (don’t worry, they’ll pass the cost on to you), increased taxes on drugmakers (oh, fear not, that cost will be passed on to your prescriptions, it won’t bother them), increased taxes on medical device companies (again, they’ll just pass the taxes along to you for your new pacemaker), and new taxes on Americans making more than $200,000 a year (you know, those people that own small businesses and provide over half of all private sector jobs, so they’ll just lower wages or cut employees, no big deal).

Isn’t this new health care program just great? I know I’m excited that I will no longer be able to do something as simple as decide to take high-deductable insurance. It’s hard to wait until the “Cadillac” policy tax goes into effect.  All this for the 47 million… huh? 30 million? really? I thought he said…  ok…  30 million new people…  Maybe that’s ObamaMath (like 57 states?).

Head over to John John Goodman’s Health Policy blog for some real facts. There could be 33 million lose medicare coverage alone thanks to the cuts.  Throw in higher health care costs, additional taxation, potential for rationing of care, increased IRS investigation, and you need a considerable amount of ObamaMath in to spin this into a positive thing!

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