Climate Bill Mistake Could Cost Dems

As has hit the news, the Cap and Trade bill (also known as Waxman-Markey) passed the house 219-212.  Several representatives changed their minds on the bill allowin the narrow passage.  Some, such as Debbie Halverson (D-IL), were recorded saying they wouldn’t vote for the bill, but then proceeded to vote for it anyway.

It is simply amazing to see how many representatives actually voted for this bill (including 8 Republicans).  We are seeing more people step forward to question global warming (including someone in the EPA who was apparently silenced by Obama’s agenda). Despite this, the house wants to push forward with a bill that will undoubtedly hurt the economy and burden families with imbedded “green taxes”.  An MIT Study put the cost to each American family at $3900/year.

Not only is the link of carbon dioxide to global temperatures in question, our economy is struggling. We have unemployment rates approaching 10% and now we’re looking to pass a bill that will cost jobs and add burden to our families.  This leaves an opening for the Republicans to step up and be a voice of reason.  The question is, will they step up to the plate?

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Written by admin on June 30, 2009

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