Update: Henrietta Hughes

I’m sure you all remember Henrietta Hughes, the one who asked Obama for a place to live. Courtesy of WinkNews, here is an update.

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Obama’s Budget Tightening Farce

It’s official, Obama is asking his Cabinet to cut spending. Has he finally realized the importance of not putting the country into a tailspin of debt? Let’s evaluate…

Obama has asked for a reduction of $100 million. When we are talking about deficits in the Trillions, a few million is a simple drop in the bucket.  AP puts this into perspective:


  • Less than one-quarter of the budget increase that Congress awarded to itself.
  • 4 percent of the military aid the United States sends to Israel.
  • Less than half the cost of one F-22 fighter plane.
  • 7 percent of the federal subsidy for the money-losing Amtrak passenger rail system.
  • 1/10,000th of the government’s operating budgets for Cabinet agencies, excluding the Iraq and Afghan wars and the stimulus bill.


When you consider that the costs of borrowing the money for the latest “Stimulus” package is $100 million a day, does this effort amount to anything?

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Cincinnati Tea Party Pictures – April 15, 2009

As promised, here are a handful of photos from the Cincinnati Tea Party. I can tell you now that it was more than went to the March 15 event. I heard an estimate on WLW of 7,000. My ballpark guess would have pressed higher than that just. The square was jam packed and people were filling Vine Street as well, so it was clearly a large crowd. Though I did see some people dressed as if they were there from work, the majority of people seemed dressed to be there for the long haul.

I personally saw a handful of counter-protesters (probably 8 or 9 total). I heard (but did not see) what sounded like 20 or so at one point chanting “O-ba-ma”, but they were quickly drowned out by some chanting of “U. S. A.” One of the counter-protesters I saw was chanting “White Supremacy.”  I guess she thought Robert Byrd was coming or something. One carried a sign that said “Republican’s Fore Sell Cry Babies.” At least he spelled cry babies correctly. Most of the others were content to chant “O-ba-ma.” I saw a couple get asked questions like “What has Obama done that you like?” and watched them only come up with answers similar to “You’re a racist.” For the most part the protesters ignored the counter-protesters.

After a few speakers, the group marched from Fountain Square to City Hall. I noted quite a few people looking out of office windows watching and a few even giving thumbs up to the crowd as they marched by. A petition to reject stimulus money was handed over when we arrived at City Hall. The crowd stayed around for a while, chanting (“USA”) and singing (“God Bless America”).

Below is a wide variety of the photos I took. I had a difficult time getting good crowd shots since the high places were either packed with people or blocked off. There’s a good mix of crowd shots, signs, and people. This includes the event, the march, and the arrival at City Hall.

More info on other teaparties across the country at Michelle Malkin.

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Tea Party (Take 2) Tommorow

Just a reminder that tommorow (April 15) is National Tea Party day. In Cincinnati it will be at Fountain Square starting at 11:30AM. We will be walking a signed petition urging rejection of stimulus funds to city hall.

Hope to see some of you there.

If you’re not from Cincinnati, check out the National Tea Party website to find an event near you.

I’ll be posting photos as quickly after the event as I can, so be sure to check back!

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Unintended Consequences of Social Engineering

According to The Nation, the U.S. Government is going to give $8 billion this year to the nation’s 10 largest paper companies. The reason is an odd bit of green legislation that gives a 50 cent a gallon tax credit for using fuel mixtures that are a combination of taxable fuels (such as diesel) with alternative fuels.

The process of making paper involves placing wood into a chemical mixture to separate out the cellulose fibers. The leftover material forms what is termed black liquor and it is a good fuel due to its large carbon content. Paper companies use black liquor to produce the heat and energy they need to manufacture paper.

They discovered that they can take advantage of this tax credit by simply adding diesel fuel to the mixture. It is totally unnecessary and far from green, but it allows them to make a  handsome profit off of the tax credit. The  attempt to engineer green behaviour has actually resulted in the exact opposite. It is amazing how every year our tax code continues to get more complex yet continues to get less and less effective.

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