Cincinnati Tea Party


I am getting a lot of traffic from search engines regarding this event.  I want to be sure that anyone that is searching for this can find it easily.

Welcome to all of you that searched for the Cincinnati Tea Party info and came to this site.  Stick around, check out the articles, post some comments, and come back! This is one of a small handful of political blogs in our area.

I have been informed that the Cincinnati Tea Party is planned for Sunday, March 15, 3PM – 5PM at Fountain Square. Check out the official website for more details. Former Congressman Steve Chabot will be speaking.

Take the opportunity to be vocal. Being a member of the silent majority is not enough. We need to show our compassion, state our case, and make it clear that we are unhappy with the path the Government is taking.

If you are a reader from outside the area, check out the American Tea Party list and participate in your local tea party.

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Fairness Doctrine Amendment

The Broadcaster Freedom Amendment offered by Sen. Jim DeMint (R-SC) to the D.C. Voting Rights Act was voted in overwhelmingly 87-11 (46 Democrats crossed over to vote with the Republicans). This amendment prevents the FCC from reinstating the Fairness Doctrine.

Here’s the catch… Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL) added an amendment (which passed 57-41 with no Republican support) that instructs the FCC to take a proactive stance “to encourage and promote diversity in communication media ownership.” This is some broad language that could be interpreted in many ways.

DeMint anticipates some issues and commented “Sen. Durbin’s amendment exposed Democrat intentions to impose radio censorship through the back door using vague regulations dealing with media ownership.  Sen. Durbin’s language was so broad, it could apply beyond radio to television, newspapers and the internet. All eyes are now on the FCC.  If they attempt to shut down free speech indirectly, we will fight to stop them.”

Though the “Fairness Doctrine” may be stopped, it appears a back door method to media censorship could open up.

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Obama’s Budget Deficit: 1.75 Trillion Dollars

Obama's Budget DeficitObama unveiled his 2010 budget plan of $3.55 Trillion dollars. This budget will result in a record deficit of $1.75 Trillion.

Given the state of the economy, you would anticipate that action would be taken to not only increase jobs but show some fiscal restraint. Instead, this plan includes a $634 billion down payment on expanding health care coverage that will be partially funded by a $318 billion tax increase on buisness owners. That is neither fiscal restraint nor pro-job creation.

The President will be pushing to make the working-class tax cut ($400/year) permenant. Perhaps that will help cover the increase in product cost that will occur when the cost of the tax hike is passed down to consumers… perhaps not.

Included in the plan is a proposal to inact a carbon cap and trade scam, potentially costing corporations hundreds of billions of dollars.

The projected deficit totals 12.3% of the gross domestic product, more than twice the previous post-war record of 6% in 1983, under President Reagan, and the highest level since the deficit totaled 21.5% of GDP at the end of World War II.

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Stocks Plunge in Response to Obama’s Address

Wall Street opened sharply lower the day after Obama’s Address to Congress. According to Reuters, Wall Street was looking for tangible items in the address but were given none.

Wall Street has seemed to view Obama unfavorably for some time. On Nov 4, the market closed at 9,625.28. As of this posting, the market is 7198.17, a loss of more than 25%. It’s hard to say if it is the lack of a tangible path or if it is the direction of the path itself that the market is frightened of.

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Jindal’s Response to Obama

It seems clear that the Republicans are trying to position Jindal to be the new face for the party. Though many on the left regard him as an Uncle Tom, Jindal clearly has a Conservative philosophy. My issue with him is that he badly needs to work on his delivery. For one, I wish someone would tie Jindal’s hands. He talks with his hands so much that it is distracting! He also needs to learn the art of the “dramatic pause” and use more vocal inflection.

It seems recent Republicans are horrible at speech delivery, especially when you consider that Reagan was an expert. In this day of style over substance (*cough* Obama *cough*), this is going to be a big problem for Republicans. His writers could also provide overwhelming examples of where similar proposals to the ones he mentions have worked in the past. The opportunity is there to charismatically and powerfully deliver the message, we just need someone to do it! Jindal needs to move away from the dry and monotone delivery and writing.

Focusing on content (which given the delivery was difficult to do), I am glad that Jindal admitted that the Republican Party screwed up and moved away from Conservative principles. He has kept a consistent message, now it is up to the Republicans to act according to that message. Reagan Conservatism was both successful and popular, why the Republicans moved away from that philosophy is anyone’s guess. The 2006 and 2008 elections were hopefully a wake up call that Jindal is stepping forward to answer.

If Jindal wants to make a run for President in 2012 (and I hope he does), he MUST work on his speech abilities. A well-delivered speech drives home the points in a memorable way. Honestly, this speech was difficult to concentrate on, let alone remember.

Republican response embedded below:

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